Water Treatment Equipment

Mechanical Screens and Conveyors

Meets the most demand specifications. For efficient wastewater Treatment servicing 30 years all throughout the world! Widely used for municipal and industrial treatment plants.

Belt Screen

Space from 3 — 50 mm
Capacity up to 35 —4500 I/sec
up to 4 m width as twin system

Screw screen

Space from 0,25 — 10 mm
Capacity up to 350 I/sec

VERTICAL Screw screen

Space from 0,25 —10 mm
Capacity up to 320 I/sec


Opening from 0,25 — 2,50 mm
Capacity 2 — 230 I/sec
Covered and with screw compactor


Separating high efficient sand down to 0,1 mm granula size, supplied as rectangular or cylindrical hopper system with shaftless screw for smooth sand separating of up to 1,5 m3/h. Sand washer is part of the system by using low speed stirrer.


Low speed surface aerators are available as fixed or floating construction, with the world’s unique onecell floating system. The floating construction is ideal for SBR operation. ST surface aerators used as aerators and mixers as a single unit, with sizes from 850 – 3,000 mm Ø, are designed for high oxygen demand, from 5 – 290 kgO2/h, and high biological rearrangement. Provides deep hydraulic currents within the reactor tank. High efficiency of 1.9 – 2.3 kgO2/kW of oxygen loading and no remission of oxygen demand is guaranteed.

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